Your Land & My Land - Africa: We Visit Kenya

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Published: August 2013
For Ages: Upper Primary, Lower Secondary
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Author: John Bankston

Product Category: Geography & Environment / Geo/Env: Countries/Continents / Geo/Env: CC - Africa

Series: Your Land & My Land - Africa
Published By: Mitchell Lane Publishers
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Published: 01-Aug-2013
Format: Hardback, 64 pages
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ISBN: 9781612283043
For many, Kenya is a place of wild animals and safaris. It is also the place where the first people on the planet stood upright. From those early humans, tribes developed based on what the land provided. There were cattle herders and farmers, merchants and fishermen. From Portuguese invasions to British colonialism, Kenya was a challenged place. Today it still is. But it is also a country of modern cities and villagers who live as they did hundreds of years ago. It is a place of coastal resorts and the second-largest mountain in Africa. And it is a place where visitors can experience adventures unavailable anywhere else.

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