Under Your Skin: Muscles

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Published: May 2019
For Ages: Upper Primary, Lower Secondary
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Author: John Wood

Product Category: Health PE&PD / Health PE&PD: Body / Health PE&PD: Body - Human Bio

Series: Under Your Skin
Published By: Book Life
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Published: 01-May-2019
Format: Hardback, 32 pages
RRP: $27.99
ISBN: 9781786374615
I'm Seymour Skinless: Your super-smart tour guide, her to take you for a closer look at what's under your skin!.

Let Seymour introduce you to your own insides: Your brilliant bones, super cells, mighty muscles, and beautiful blood. Together, you'll explore the inner workings of the human body – possibly the most amazing machine ever made!
What viruses can be found on a mobile phone? And what is living in your eyelashes?

Not got the faint-hearted, this series looks at the little critters we all live with, and can't live without.

Australian Curriculum:

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