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Humans and Our Planet: Humans and Earth's Atmosphere

What's in the Air?
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Published: February 2018
For Ages: Ages 8-9+
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Author: Ava Sawyer

Product Category: Geography & Environment / Geo/Env: Environment/Ecology

Published By: Capstone
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Published: 01-Feb-2018
Format: Hardback, 32 pages
RRP: $29.99
ISBN: 9781515771999
Interest Level: 8-10
Reading Level: 8-9
Nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and carbon dioxide are all gases in Earth’s atmosphere. But what happens when there is too much or two little of a certain gas? Readers will learn how every day activities such as driving, heating buildings, and using aerosols release harmful gases into the air and how it affects the air we breathe. Meets Next Generation Science Standards.

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